Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Letter School App

Letter School is an app that was just released. I just tested it out because it looked so interesting. I have to admit I am pretty impressed for $2.99 (there is even a free version so you can test it out yourself before buying). Here is what it has to offer:
  • different fonts to practice - D'Nealian, HWT and Zaner Bloser
  • practice capital letters, lowercase letters and numbers
  • reinforces phonics and meaning of letter
  • entertaining visual feedback
  • two levels

You simply pick the style of handwriting and type of letters or numbers in the settings. When you pick a letter it will show you the letter, verbalize the letter sound and show you a picture of an object that the letter begins with.

Then you proceed to practicing forming the letter. In the first stage you only have to tap the dots not actually form the letter. Once you tap the correct dots the animation will move to complete the letter.

For stage two, you trace the letter from dot to dot. Again, the animation will help you to complete the letter. Check out these train tracks. I know I lot of kids will love these!

In the final stage you form the letter with no dots or letter to guide you.

I have tested out a few letter tracing apps and I give this one the award for the best so far. You can get more information on the website for Letter School or visit the app store.

It is also available on android devices here - Letter School for Android devices.


Mary Summers said...

I have to concur, LetterSchool is a great app! Thanks for sharing this!

tonya said...

That does look cool. So sad that I don't have an iPad.

Beth Lloyd said...

I am always happy to put a quality letter writing app into the hands of my students. It provides "error free" practice in a fun and engaging way. Thanks for passing this one along!

jane said...

Wow this looks like a brilliant game.

Ultimate Autism Guide said...

Letter School is definitely one of the best handwriting apps out there! There is a lot of variety within the app that helps keep kids interested. Great sound effects and graphics!

Unknown said...


Your Therapy Source Inc said...

Not on Android that I know of.

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