Monday, June 10, 2013

New Handwriting App - StartDOT

Here is a new handwriting app for the iPad, StartDOT, that is worth checking out.  According to the website it was developed by an occupational therapist with 20 years experience and it shows.  There is a variety of handwriting instruction methods incorporated into this app.  I only tested the lite version of 6 letters but I was impressed.  

Here is what it offers:
1.  Written and verbal instructions of how to form the letters
2.  Kinesthetic order or alphabetical order to learn the letters (you can choose either order but you must go in order, you can not choose a specific letter on the lite version)
3.  Uses sky grass dirt method and visual cues
4.  Offers different levels of cues gradually decreased the cues each practice time
5.  Can do rainbow writing using repetition to practice letter formation
6.  Keeps track of what letters a student has practiced (tracks up to 6 students)

7.  Offers free, printable worksheets to compliment the app.  This is my favorite feature.  To help with carry over to pencil and paper, you can download worksheets that compliment the app to practice on actual paper!   

Has anyone else checked out this latest handwriting app? 

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