Thursday, November 7, 2013

Simple Visual Memory Game

Test your visual memory skills with this simple game.  Gather up objects from around the house, school or therapy room.  Put several objects on a tray or in a box.  Have the child look at what is on the tray for a short period of time.  Have the child close their eyes and remove one item.  When the child opens his/her eyes can they guess what object is missing?

We use a piece of cloth to wrap up the missing object.  The children are always very excited not only to guess, but to unwrap the missing piece to check if they were correct in determining what object was missing. 

To make this activity more difficult, place a higher number of objects or objects that look similar.  To make it easier, use a few objects that look very different. To add in physical activity, place the tray at the end of the obstacle course.  When the child starts the course remove one item so that when he/she gets to the end of the course he/she must tell you what item is missing.  Make it a secret spy mission obstacle course to add in some detective pretend play too!

Don't forget to let the children take turns using the cloth to remove the secret object so that others can guess the missing object.

Photographic Memory Card Set

Study a picture cards of 10 photos for 30 seconds.  Turn each card over and write down as many of the 10 items that you can remember to challenge your visual memory on the go.

Find out more information on the card set.

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