Monday, March 2, 2009

Preschoolers and Physical Activity Time Tip

Pediatrics reports that children in preschools with high quality scores, less fixed playground equipment, more portable playground equipment, less media time and larger playgrounds experienced more moderate/ vigorous physical activity per hour and fewer sedentary minutes compared to other preschool children.

That seems like a simple way to increase physical activity time in any preschoolers we may be working with to develop gross motor skills. Perhaps suggest to the preschool director more portable playground equipment i.e. balls, jump ropes, etc rather than always relying on fixed playground equipment for gross motor time. This would help all children in the class. With our extensive problems with childhood obesity in this country, this simple addition to play time may encourage more moderate/vigorous activity in children which is a huge plus.

Does anyone else have any simple suggestions to increase physical activity time in preschoolers? We have several electronic books and articles at our website to promote physical activity. We would love to hear from you and what you do in your therapy practice to encourage physical activity. Please comment.

Reference: Dowda, Marsha, Brown, William H., McIver, Kerry L., Pfeiffer, Karin A., O'Neill, Jennifer R., Addy, Cheryl L., Pate, Russell R.
Policies and Characteristics of the Preschool Environment and Physical Activity of Young Children Pediatrics 2009 123: e261-e266

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