Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kite Flying - Spring Outdoor Activity

Children absolutely love to fly a kite. They love the challenge and the thrill of getting the kite up and in the air. Then they progress to the challenge of keeping the kite in the air and out of the trees. Kite flying requires eye hand coordination, motor planning, body awareness and gross motor skills. Try out these activities today:

1. Make a kite out of a brown paper lunch bag. Decorate, punch 4 holes in corners where bag opens. Tie string and you are ready to fly it.
2. Not windy enough for a kite? Draw, decorate and cut out a kite. Tie ribbons to the end of it. Tape it onto the top of a long stick. When the child runs with it, the kite will fly!
3. Raining today? Print and complete our FREE kite activity, Jump Up, Up and Away, to encourage sensory motor skills.

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