Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can you name one simple activity that encourages 6 developmental skills?

The answer is...MUSIC! Most children love to listen and dance to music. Music and dance are a great avenue to promote motor skills, listening skills and sensory processing skills. There are few movement activities that incorporate all of the 7 senses with minimal to no preparation. Therapists, parents and teachers love how easy it is to carry out simple movements to music using interactive songs. All the adult has to do is simply turn the therapeutic music on and the fun begins. This type of fun encourages:
1. Sensory Processing Skills - Children have to use their auditory sense to listen to the directions. Children model other children in the room therefore using their visual sense. The proprioceptive and vestibular system are activated while jumping and spinning. Don't forget the tactile sense - touching hands to knees, dancing in bare feet, etc.
2. Motor Learning - Children learn gross motor skills through practice. Through the use of interactive songs, the children have opportunities to listen, follow directions and move over and over again.
3. Socialization - Children are able to play together while dancing to the music.
4. Learning - Children can learn how to follow multiple step directions.
5. Motivation - Music is motivating and fun!
6. Positive behavior - Interactive songs usually have structure and a routine. Children are able to know what to expect.

Therefore, here is one activity that covers many developmental areas all by just pressing the play button. It does not get any easier than that!

We have a nice selection of interactive songs available at Your Therapy Source.

Tuned Into Learning has created music with simplified song lyrics, simplified instructions and additioanl response time. Children with autism will really learn and enjoy the specialized songs and visual cues from Tuned Into Learning.

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Nice post! So true.

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