Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pediatric Sitting Gadget

Here is an interesting sitting gadget for children with and without special needs called the Nada Chair. The Nada Chair is a sling that you wrap around the child's back (or adults) and knees. The knees are used as a helper to stabilize the back. There are also stretch straps that you can purchase to assist with long sitting and hamstring stretching. It is inexpensive for the therapy world of products - $45.oo for the KiddyUp kit which includes the posture assist and stretch straps.

Perhaps many of your have heard of it or currently use it. I would love to hear what you think of it. Please comment.


Rona said...

Wow! I wonder what that would feel like? It looks like it would feel GOOD. I would love to hear some feedback too. I will keep an eye on this blog!


Your Therapy Source Inc said...

Thanks Rona. After reading your great blog on OT gadgets (, it inspired me to write one post on a PT type gadget. I enjoyed reading your commentary on different gadgets that you have come across. I too will be following your blog.

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