Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Visual and Auditory Input

Here is a simple and free assistive technology to read the words on the web or text. At www.ReadtheWords.com you can type and have the text read to you in various voices. The voices sound quite clear and are available in male and female. This is a great free tool to help children with comprehending material. In addition, this website can take written and scanned documents (i.e. Word document) and convert it to a audio file. Put it on a mp3 player and you can review class notes, listen to textbooks and more. If you can not think of a student who would benefit from this how about yourself? Take journal articles, create the audio file and listen to it during your commute or work out. You can even create an audio file from an RSS feed like this blog! What a great idea. Here is a video explaining how Read the Words can help.

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