Friday, October 2, 2009

Fine Motor Activity Idea: Mystery Painting

Here is a fun activity for children of all abilities. Add or eliminate steps depending upon the child's ability.

Step One: Write on a piece of paper in white crayon. This can be something more difficult like a mystery note to practice letter formation or try something simpler like a scribble. If necessary, have an adult or friend draw anything with the white crayon.

Step Two: Paint over the paper using watercolors. Darker colors will work best.

Step Three: Let the picture dry to reveal the mystery message or picture.

The great thing about this activity is that by varying the activity you vary the fine motor skills necessary to complete the project. This would be a fun way to send a secret message to a friend. Write the note with white crayon and send it to a friend. The friend has to paint over it to read the note. For Halloween, make a scary picture and paint over it with black and orange. HAVE FUN!

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