Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fine Motor Toy Winners to Add to Your Wish Lists!

Every year Family Fun magazine publishes an issue with their Toys of the Year. This year there was a large collection of toys that encourage fine motor skill development and handwriting skills. You can view the top 10 Toys of the Year at Family Fun.
Here were some of the fine motor winners for this year:

Build It Bigger - manipulate chunky nuts and bolts

Pool Sharks - use the trigger action dolphins to hit pool balls

Color Me A Song - drawing to music. The music is based on how fast or slow you draw

Scribble and Write - follow the step by step guides to create letters and shapes on the electronic board

Burger Builder - new Play Doh set that allows you to press, mold and create burgers.

Here is a fine motor winner from last year:

Rondo Vario - dress the caterpillars by lacing on the correct color and shape.

Maybe you can add these items to your wish lists to add to your therapy bags. Does anyone have any experience or opinions on these new games?

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