Friday, October 23, 2009

Great Activity Idea for Fine Motor Skill Development - Fingarings

I just finished reading about this creative activity idea in the current issue of Advance for OT's. The article, written by Cumba Siegler OTR/L, explains how to create "fingarings" out of Sculpty clay. She describes how to create rings for the fingers out of clay. She then offers several activity suggestions for the "fingarings". This is such a fun, simple and useful activity. Definitely worth a read! You can read the full article at Advance for OT's.

Here are some more suggestions to add to the authors ideas if you make some "fingarings".
1. Tie a string between the ring and a pencil. Holding the pencil with one hand can you flip the ring onto the pencil?
2. Put them on a child's toes - can a child cross midline, flex and grab a ring?
3. Hide them in the sensory table.
4. Lace them on shoelaces or pipe cleaners.
5. Make smaller ones to increase difficulty of the lacing.
6. Try to put scarves or materials through the rings (the resistance from pulling through is a nice proprioceptive warm up)

Any one want to add to the list?

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