Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Homemade Assistive Devices

Workshop Solutions is jammed packed with information about homemade assistive devices for people with disabilities which I heard about from Barbara Boucher website Therextras. There is a full list of mobility and communication devices that two men have compiled. There are many photos to support the text which describes various pieces of mostly homemade equipment. Some of the photos and ideas are a little dated but the creativity and ingenuity is fun to view.

I did not look at every one but here are some of my unique favorites:

1. Toilet table - a table to encourage a child to sit on the toilet for longer.

2. Quick Knickers - adapted underwear

3. Swingboard - homemade platform swing

4. Customized walker - homemade tiny gait trainer

5. Mini wheelchair - great retro photos.

Make sure you have ample time to explore this website if you are interested in adapting equipment.

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