Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Severe Hemophilia and Athletics

Pediatrics published a study on school aged boys with severe hemophilia A or B who were taking prophylactic factor replacement. Clinical baseline data was collected along with sports participation. Seventy three percent participated in high impact sports and 27% participated in low impact sports. Results indicated that the frequency of injuries or joint hemorrhages did not different significantly between high and low impact sports. Sixteen percent of the boys were overweight. The authors concluded young boys who are taking prophylaxis for hemophilia can participate in athletics with adult supervision and precautions in place.

Reference: Ross, Cassie, Goldenberg, Neil A., Hund, Dana, Manco-Johnson, Marilyn J.
Athletic Participation in Severe Hemophilia: Bleeding and Joint Outcomes in Children on Prophylaxis Pediatrics 2009 124: 1267-1272


Anonymous said...

I worked in a regional Hemophilia clinic for 5 years. Learned a lot with a diagnosis that few therapists recognize. The prophylactic infusions of factor allows near typical lifestyles for children with this genetic defect.


PS - I couldn't get any of the links in your Nov magazine to work.

Your Therapy Source Inc said...

Barbara, Thanks for the heads up on the links. I just tried to fix it but unable to figure it out. They work on my computer but then when uploaded to the website they get all switched around... Confusing.


Your Therapy Source Inc said...


I was able to fix it now. Both document links are now working. Sorry about that.


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