Tuesday, December 29, 2009

UK Recommends 3 Year Old Boys to Write More

New government advice in the United Kingdom recommends that boys as young as three years old need to write and draw more. This is an attempt to close the gender gap between boys and girls when it comes to writing.

This is absurd in my opinion. I predict that instead of improved penmanship the boys will show an increase in hyperactivity, lack of attention span and poor penmanship. To put a writing utensil in a child's hand at age three and expect them to write is a mistake to begin with, girls or boys. Children need to acquire the fine motor skills necessary to write by playing with small items, eating small food and to weight bearing through the upper extremities. In addition, to encourage young children to stay seated for long periods of time and do guided work is not beneficial to overall motor development for boys and girls.

I am preaching to the choir on this topic, but I feel better now that I said it out loud. Sorry United Kingdom government, but you may want to check your facts. British occupational therapist's better make room on their caseloads - you may be getting an influx on new clients. Anyone care to comment?

Reference: Irvine, Chris Three-year-old boys should be made to write more to stop gender gap Telegraph.co.uk Retrieved from the web on 12/29/09 at www.telegraph.co.uk/education/educationnews/6902910/Three-year-old-boys-should-be-made-to-write-more-to-stop-gender-gap.html.

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