Monday, January 4, 2010

The Mozart Effect on Weight Gain in Preterm Infants

The most recent issue of Pediatrics reports on 20 healthy preterm infants that were exposed to a 30 minute period of Mozart music for 2 consecutive days. The resting energy expenditure of the infants was significantly lower during the 10 to 30 minute period of listening to the music. There was no difference in resting energy expenditure during the first 10 minutes of listening. The researchers conclude that listening to Mozart music lowers the resting energy expenditure which may explain why listening to music improves weight gain in infants.

So simple and so interesting! Very small sample size but it can not hurt to try.

Reference: Lubetzky, Ronit, Mimouni, Francis B., Dollberg, Shaul, Reifen, Ram, Ashbel, Gina, Mandel, Dror Effect of Music by Mozart on Energy Expenditure in Growing Preterm Infants Pediatrics 2010 125: e24-e28

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