Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fitness and Academic Acheivement

Leslie Cotrell, PhD, a researcher from West Virginia University will be presenting her research at the American Heart Association 2010 Conference on Health, Physical Activity and Metabolism. She studied the body mass index, fitness levels and standardized academic scores of 725 fifth graders and again when they reached seventh grade. The research indicated that students who were the most physically fit at the beginning and end of the study had the highest scores in reading, math, science and social studies. The lowest scores were those who were the least fit in fifth and seventh grade. They could not establish a cause and effect relationship of fitness and academic scores.

Want to get the students more fit at your school? How about start a running club. You can even apply for a grant to start it up or fund an existing club. ING is offering (50) $2,000 grants to establish or expand a running program.

Reference: WVU Researcher Finds Link Between's Students Fitness and Grades. Retrieved from the web on 3/11/10 at

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