Monday, March 8, 2010

Social Story Resources

There are so many free social story resources on the web. I just thought I would mention a few. If you are not familiar with social stories, here is a great article, Creating Social Stories, to start off with on the basics of social stories and how to create your own.

For free, ready made social stories check out:

Kansas Autism Spectrum Disorders : Huge collection of a variety of social stories available in PowerPoint, Word and pdf formats.

Visual Aids for Learning: If you need images to go along with a social story that you have created yourself, this website has loads of free image downloads.

Autism4Teachers: Here are a few simple social stories for younger children all in Word format.

Integrated Technology Services: Another nice collection of stories for younger children and these are in pdf format.

Slater Software: Another resource for free social stories and posters. Many social stories about unique topics i.e. Halloween, soldier mother, fireworks and more.

Does anyone have any other favorites they would like to add to the list?

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