Monday, April 12, 2010

Physical Activity and Brain Health

The American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine has published a review of the research on academic performance and physical activity levels. Studies have shown that physical activity increases arousal, self esteem and increased secretion of neurotrophins (help the development and function of neurons). In the case of sports participation, attention and mental performance have improved immediately following the activity. In elementary schools, academic performance has been maintained even with decreases in instructional times to increase physical activity time. The authors conclude that physical activity is needed for healthy child development. Physical activity time can be included in the school day without compromising academic performance.

This is a great study to reference to teachers and administrators to justify increased physical activity time in the classroom or throughout the day.

Reference: Trudeau, Francois, Shephard, Roy J. Relationships of Physical Activity to Brain Health and the Academic Performance of Schoolchildren American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine 2010 4: 138-150

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