Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to Find OT and PT Blogs

Blogs can offer great inside information on a variety of topics, although it can be hard to sift through all the daily information that is posted. In addition, it can be difficult to even find niche blogs to begin with. Here are several suggestions on how to find blogs specific to pediatric occupational and physical therapy.

1. Blog Rolls: Some blogs offer blog rolls on the side of the blog. This is a list of blogs that the writer recommends. There are usually some that have similar topics.

2. AllTop: This website offers popular stories that hit the web on certain topics. They have an occupational therapy page and a physical therapy page.

3. OT Blogs: This is my favorite. This is a collection of OT blogs with the title of the posts listed. It is an easy way to scroll through lots of information very quickly. Check it out at OTBlogs.org

4. Google Alerts: You can set Google alerts to send you emails when specific topics are discussed. If you follow keyword phrases i.e. occupational therapy, physical therapy for children, etc Google will send you email alerts when those topics are posted to the web. This is a nice feature but you do get a significant amount of junk along with it.

5. Comments Sections:
If you find a blog that you like, check out the comment sections. Usually, the people who comment may have blogs of their own on similar topics and you can track them down.

Anyone else have any other suggestions to track down relevant blogs?


Momma C said...

Come join us at www.OurOutofSyncLife.blogspot.com A blog about Sensory Processing Disorder, OT, discipline, activities, daily life, and so much more!

Stacy said...

Thanks! I'm always looking for more information to support the work we do! Thank you for all your great information you continually post!

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