Thursday, May 27, 2010

Parents Turn Off TV and Get Kids Moving

A recent study published in BMC Public Health reported on parental television viewing habits and children's TV habits along with physical activity. The research indicated that children of parents who watch many hours of television daily are more likely to watch more hours of television per day as well. For boys the risk of watching more than 4 hours of television per day was 10.47 time higher if the boys parents watched more than 4 hours per day. Whereas, for girls the risk was 3.67 times higher to watch more than 4 hours of television per day if the girls parents watched 2-4 hours per day. No association was discovered linking parental physical activity levels to children's physical activity levels.

With the weather so nice and warm, set a good example and turn off your television sets. Even if you are unable to be physically active with your child you can still encourage active play.

Reference: Parents' physical inactivity influences children. Retrieved on 5/26/10 from at

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