Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Giving Recess Some Respect

Check out Advance for PT for an article written by me entitled "Give Recess the Respect It Deserves".

"If you ask children what their favorite school subject is, many will respond: Recess! Unfortunately, unstructured, free play for kids is becoming a thing of the past. Thirty to 40 percent of elementary schools in the United States are eliminating, decreasing or considering eliminating recess.1,2 Some schools are making these decisions due to increased academic pressures and state testing. The problem with this is that recess provides learning experiences, social experiences and physical activity that cannot be accomplished in the classroom or in structured physical education class.1 All students, including those who receive therapy services at school will benefit from the increased motor skill practice time during recess. Pediatric physical and occupational therapists can play an integral role in promoting the positive aspects of recess to school districts, teachers and parent....

Read the full article at Advance for PT and Rehab Medicine.

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