Saturday, July 10, 2010

Family Prioritites for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Physical Therapy has published research on family priorities for activity and participation of children and youth with cerebral palsy. Caregivers (80% mothers) of 585 children with cerebral palsy completed the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure. This measure identified priorities for daily activities, productivity and leisure. Gross motor function classification system levels (GMFCS) were determined for each child.

The results indicated that daily activities had the most priority for all children GMFCS levels II-V. Caregivers of all children prioritized self help skills the most priority in the sub categories. Increased priorities for productivity was higher for caregivers of school aged children and youth compared to parents of younger children. At least one priority related to mobility was recorded by 61% of caregivers.

This research provides physical and occupational therapists with important reminders. Family priorities are daily activities, self help skills and mobility. Translation - keep therapy goals and outcomes functional and purposeful!

Reference: Chiarello, Lisa A., Palisano, Robert J., Maggs, Jill M., Orlin, Margo N., Almasri, Nihad, Kang, Lin-Ju, Chang, Hui-Ju Family Priorities for Activity and Participation of Children and Youth With Cerebral Palsy PHYS THER 2010 0: ptj.20090388

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