Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Right and Left Motivation?

An interesting study was published in Psychological Science regarding motivation in adults. Using a computer screen and subliminal images, the researchers determined that motivation can occur on only one side of the brain and body at a time. For example, the subjects were shown a subliminal image of a coin on one side of the computer screen. The subjects were instructed to squeeze a pressure sensing hand grip to get more of the coins. When the image appeared on the right side of the computer screen and the subject was squeezing with the right hand, then the subject would squeeze harder to get more coins. If the coin image appeared on the left side of the screen and the subject was squeezing on the right, the subject did not squeeze harder. The researchers concluded that motivation can occur on the right or left side of the brain therefore motivating only one side of the body as well.

This research raises some interesting questions for motivation in children. Children's behaviors can often be altered based on motivational levels. When individuals are strongly right or left side dominant does this consistently effect motivation levels? What about motivation levels in children with hemiplegia?

Reference: Is your left hand more motivated than your right hand? Retrieved from the web at on 7/10/10.

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