Friday, September 24, 2010

Free Online Typing Games

Learning to type can be boring after awhile and monotonous. How about try some games to motivate children to learn how to type? Here are a few suggested websites with free online typing games:

Simple, basic typing skills: Typing games at

Easy, Medium and Difficult Typing Games:
Typing Web at

A video game approach to learning to type at at

Good animation with this spider typing game (thanks @OTKate from Twitter for finding this one) - is your favorite, free online typing game?


Lisa said...

I've had several clients really like this one and it teaches proper keyboarding skills:

Your Therapy Source Inc said...

Thanks Lisa. Nice suggestion. I had seen that website previously and forgot about it. Thanks for adding it to the list.

typing games said...

i need to learn type thank you

Typing For Kids said...

The link for the simple/basic skill lessons was very helpful. Thanks for the info!

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