Thursday, September 9, 2010

Physical Therapy and Cerebral Palsy

Clinical Rehabilitation published a review of the literature on the effectiveness of physical therapy interventions for young adults and adults (ages 16 and up) with cerebral palsy. Intially 675 articles were found on the topic. Only 13 studies could be included for review from earliest available time through March 2009. No articles meet the criteria for high methodological criteria. No articles had blinded therapists or subjects. Evidence was found of moderate quality on the use of progressive resistance strength training and gait. Following work station interventions, evidence of low quality was found on balance and strength training. In addition, low quality evidence was found for strength training effects on gross motor capacity. Finally, there was very low quality evidence found for strength training and its effects on range of motion.

The researchers recommend well designed physical therapy trials for this population of adults with cerebral palsy.

Reference: Jeglinsky, J. Surakka, E. Brogren Carlberg, and I. Autti-Rämö
Evidence on physiotherapeutic interventions for adults with cerebral palsy is sparse. A systematic review Clin Rehabil September 2010 24: 771-788, first published on July 6, 2010 doi:10.1177/0269215510367969

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this journal article, Margaret. I am going to look it up while preparing for my presentation at World Congress on Disabilities. I just attended a 1/2 day on EB treatment for CP. Guess I will do a post on that, too.


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