Thursday, October 21, 2010

Complex Child Magazine

Complex Child Magazine is a monthly electronic magazine written by parents of special needs children. There are a wide variety of unique topics covered throughout the different issues. Many of the stories are first hand accounts and experiences from parents which provide an excellent perspective from the parent's point of view. If you work with children with complex medical problems this is definitely worth a read. Check it out at Complex Child Magazine.

Special thanks to for telling us about this magazine.


Anonymous said...

My caveat to suggesting this mag is that it is not a scientific journal. I contacted them regarding a parent-written article complimenting HBOT treatment. HBOT as a treatment for CP and autism is not supported by evidence and some evidence exists that this treatment is ineffective. The editor of the mag demurred that it was okay for a parent to share their experience. I am less than enthusiastic about an attitude of complacency for recommending ineffective treatments.


Your Therapy Source Inc said...

I understand your point of view. But I too agree that a parent can share their experience without recommending a treatment. It does not have any research base to it though which can be confusing for parents. How would you feel if there was a disclaimer on the article?

In addition, can the same be said for single subject design research studies? Although if you have many single subject design studies with the same results you do have a pattern.

Interesting questions...

Anonymous said...

My dilemma is how 'purist' I will be regarding a publication that allows for favorable statements of an intervention that I in fact believe is harmful. I separated from another group-parent blog during the past year for precisely that reason. In my response to the editor/sponsor, I asked, would you publish a post that was favorable to spanking if you are opposed to it?

HBOT is harmful in that parents waste valuable time and money for something that is akin to snake oil.

Single subject research is a scientific method of its own - with specific criteria that separates it from case studies or anecdotes. Kind of a non sequitor to the issue of no research evidence.


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