Thursday, October 14, 2010

Inexpensive Tactile Cues on Paper

Here are some economical ways to provide tactile cues on paper for children. By providing these cues children receive extra input to stay between the lines. They are an excellent way to adapt activities for children with visual impairments as well. Of course, raised line paper can be purchased at speciality therapy shops but here are some simple ideas:

1. Glue: Apply glue to the lines and let dry for 24 hours. Color the glue to provide an additional highlight on the line.

2. Puffy Paint: Purchase puffy paint to apply to the lines. Try making index cards with sight words or letters on them. Apply the puffy paint to add dimension.

3. Wax String (aka "Wikki Stix"): Put wax string sticks along the lines. These are great because they are reusable.

4. Cardboard Stencils: Make your own cardboard stencils. Cut out the space where you want the child to stay between the lines. For example, cut out one inch blocks to stay in between one inch height writing paper.

5. Rubber Bands: If you need an adaptation in a hurry, put a lined worksheet on a clipboard and wrap rubber bands around the board to write between the bands.

6. Embossing: Use an embossing tool or sewing wheel on the back side of paper to make raised lines on card stock paper.

7. Fun Foam: Cut out thin strips for lines or shapes of fun foam. The child can trace around the foam shapes.

8. Flour and Water: Combine flour and water to make a thin paste. Put it in a plastic bag with the corner of the bag snipped off. Pipe the flour paste onto the lines. Let dry 24 hours. You can add food coloring for visual cues.

Can anyone else add to the list?

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