Friday, November 12, 2010

Handwriting Contest

Zaner-Bloser is hosting a national handwriting contest where your school can win prizes totaling $100,000. The students who enter the contest must be Zaner-Bloser handwriting users only. This would be a great idea to promote legible handwriting in your school district. Go to their website to view all the details at Zaner-Bloser.

If your students do not use Zaner-Bloser why not run a contest anyway. You could give prizes for shape, slanting, spacing and size for print and manuscript. You could have them rewrite sample sentences and answer a question as to why legible handwriting is important. Maybe the sample sentences could be facts as to why legible handwriting is important. The contest would hopefully get teachers and students excited about learning proper handwriting. Give prizes to individual students and to teachers who have the most entries from their class. The prizes could be as simple as a certificate, ribbon or classroom supplies. You could always ask parents to donate a few prizes as well. Have fun promoting handwriting!

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