Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Media Use and Psychological Difficulties

Here is yet another reason to get children to turn off the tv, computer and video games and get moving. Pediatrics published a large research study following 1013 children (average age 10.95 years old). Daily television hours and computer use were logged. Sedentary time and moderate/ vigorous physical activity were tracked with accelerometers. The results indicated that increases in television and computer time were associated with higher psychological difficulties. Children who experienced more than 2 hours a day of screen time were at increased risk of high level of psychological difficulties. The risks increased even more if the children did not reach the physical activity guidelines for the day.

Reference: Page, Angie S., Cooper, Ashley R., Griew, Pippa, Jago, Russell
Children's Screen Viewing is Related to Psychological Difficulties Irrespective of Physical Activity Pediatrics 2010 126: e1011-e1017


Anonymous said...

Indubitably! Somehow 'research' affirmation is important, eh? Barbara

Your Therapy Source Inc said...

I call this "masters of the obvious" but it is still important to see it on paper.

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