Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wii Motion Analysis

Now this is really cool, especially if you are a nerdy, techie therapist. This physical education teacher, Mr. Robbo, explains how to use your Wii remote to do some simple motion analysis. You download a program, connect your Wii remote to your computer with blue tooth capability and 'voila' instant motion analysis. Give someone the Wii remote and start collecting data.

Unfortunately, I could not test this out because my computer is not blue tooth enabled. But... if it worked I could see many uses for therapists:

1. Place the Wii remote on a child's belt to get a simple analysis of pelvic motion during gait training.

2. Track a child's motion using different assistive devices i.e. anterior versus posterior rolling walker.

3. Track upper extremity active motion.

4. Analyze the forces on the child's motion when walking on different surfaces

5. In the comments section of the blog one reader says he/she used the Wiimote inside a ball to collect data on throwing and catching.

Would love to hear if you get it to work in the clinical setting.
Read on how to turn the Wii Remote into a data logger.

Read Wearing a Wiimote During Sport

Watch his videos below:


robbo6486 said...

Thanks for the interest in the application. You can fix your non bluetooth ability by purchasing a USB Bluetooth dongle for around $10. This will then allow you to connect the wiimote.

The accuracy is excellent and matches smaller accelerometers given that it is an exceptional piece of technology. I have heard of an academic who contacted me to inform of how he used it to gather data for a masters degree. He wanted to test vibration and shock in electric wheelchairs.


Your Therapy Source Inc said...

Thanks for the tip. Just ordered a USB Bluetooth dongle. Hope it will work now.

robbo6486 said...

Let me know on my blog www.thepegeek.com if you are having trouble with installing it. Once youve done it once its super easy to replicate time and time again

Your Therapy Source Inc said...

Will do - USB bluetooth dongle has shipped already so hopefully I can get started next week.

robbo6486 said...

Wondering how you went with the bluetooth dongle?

Your Therapy Source Inc said...

Got it to find the Wiimote but it would not track movement. I have to try again. My computer had to get repaired so the program is no longer on it. Very busy lately but will give it another shot.

Anonymous said...

I have another possibility for you in this area. Much simpler using an ipod or iphone. Email me if interested jarrodro@gmail.com

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