Monday, January 10, 2011

Adapting Lessons with QR Codes

Perhaps you have heard about QR Codes or maybe this is a new term to you. Either way, QR codes can be useful for expanding learning opportunities for all children including those with special needs.

To start off with a QR code is a black and white square that a person can take a picture of with a smart phone (with a QR code reader application installed on your smart phone which is free). Once you take the picture, the code takes you to a website with relevant information. Therefore, students can expand their knowledge regarding certain topics with just a click of the cell phone to take a picture. To create a QR code you can go to a website such as The website will create QR codes for you after you enter a text message, website address, email address, etc. All you have to do it print out the black and white square and you have a QR code. Want to test it out? Print out this blog post, take a picture of the QR code and see where it brings you (answer below).

Here are a few ideas for uses of QR codes in education. How about creating a audio file of reading some directions out loud and making a QR code? Simply put the QR code on the assignment and the student can take a picture of it to have the directions read out loud. If a student has created a poster presentation, the student can create a short video with extra information. Upload the video to You Tube, create the QR code , print it and put it on the poster. Now all the students need to do is snap a picture of the QR code and view the video.

Watch this You Tube video for how one school district is using QR codes:

Or check out this Google Doc - 30 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom
There are many ideas for this new, free technology.

Want to test it again? Take a picture of this QR code with your smart phone QR reader (answer below).

Answers: First QR code brings you to The second QR code brings you to this blog.

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