Saturday, March 19, 2011

Typing or Writing?

CanChild has a research based, informative hand out for school staff and parents on whether children with coordination problems should learn how to use a word processor or continue to focus on handwriting. It answers questions such as:
  1. Why should children with DCD use a computer or word processor?
  2. Does keyboarding mean we are giving up on handwriting?
  3. Printing versus cursive writing?
  4. Can children with fine motor problems learn how to type?
  5. When is the best age to introduce key boarding?
  6. What is the best way to teach keyboarding?
  7. When is voice to text a good option?
You can view the handout below or download it from CanChild.

Reference: N. Pollock & C. Missiuna, 2005 To Write or Type - That is the Question. Retrieved from the web on 3/19/2011 at

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