Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blog Carnival on Readiness

Therextras recently hosted a blog carnival on recognizing readiness (If you are not familiar with a blog carnical, it is when a topic is suggested and people submit blog posts on that topic).

First of all Therextras is a great blog to follow. The author is a pediatric OT and PT who offers excellent blog posts on neurology, functional skills and more. Make sure you read the comments where you will be directed to many more informative, first hand accounts from parents of children with disabilities. Why not start out by checking out all the submissions for Recognizing Readiness? Well worth the read.

Read my entry - Ready, Set, Go!

I also highly recommend that you read this winning post entitled Knowing When To Back Off. For children who will experience regression in skills this is a must read from a parent of a daughter with Rett Syndrome who has been there (not to mention her blog is awesome too - Adapting Creatively).

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