Monday, April 4, 2011

Evidence Based Guidelines for Pediatric OT and PT

Thanks to @otnotes on Twitter who tweeted about this EXCELLENT, FREE resource. The Cincinnati Children's Hospital offers evidence based care guidelines for many pediatric occupational and physical therapy interventions. The guidelines for each intervention describe the target population, target users, introduction (theory/ research), guidelines recommendations, decision tree charts and references. The topics include constraint induced movement therapy, idiopathic toe walking, serial casting, torticollis and more. In addition, they have produced Best Evidence Statements. These research based briefs offer recommendations regarding evaluation tools for clients with autism, interventions for children with hemiplegia, partial body weight supported treadmill training, wheelchair delivery and sensory processing deficits.

This is a gold mine of resources to guide your practice and offer research to back up therapeutic interventions. Check it out at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

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