Monday, April 11, 2011

Two New Free Apps

Here are two, new free apps for a limited time that I found from FreeAppAlert.

The first one is Write&Say. This app will read aloud words and documents with natural voices. Therefore, you can type and then have it read aloud to you. It can also translate your text and read it aloud in different languages. This was lots of fun to test.

The other app which is free for just 7 days is iWhatIsThis. This is a fun, simple app to practice visual perceptual skills especially visual closure. Basically, you pick a picture or type in text, then the picture or word gets covered up comletely by different shapes that you choose. When you tap on the shape it disapears revealing a small part of the picture. By tapping on the shapes, little by little, the picture is revealed. When you think you know what it is you can press the light bulb to show the entire picture, letter or word. Lots of fun!

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