Monday, May 9, 2011

Exercise, Academics and Autism

Pediatric Physical Therapy published research on the effects of aerobic exercise on academics in young children with autism. In the experimental phase of the treatment, the children participated in 15 minutes of aerobic activity prior to academic tasks. In the control phase, the children only completed the academic tasks. The results indicated a significant difference in correct responses following the exercise. There were no differences seen in stereotypical behaviors and on-task behaviors.

Reference: Oriel, Kathryn N. PT, EdD; George, Cheryl L. PhD; Peckus, Rebecca DPT; Semon, Amanda DPT The Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Academic Engagement in Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Pediatric Physical Therapy: Summer 2011 - Volume 23 - Issue 2 - p 187–193 doi: 10.1097/PEP.0b013e318218f149

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