Wednesday, May 11, 2011

iPad App for Switch Use

Wow! A new app was released for the iPad from Attainment called the Attainment Switch. For only $4.99 you can turn your iPad into a wireless switch device. I tested it out today and it works great. I only tested it on some simple games to play but was very pleased. Basically you download the Switch Helper Application to your computer. This allows you to run the app on the iPad. Once downloaded on your computer and you have purchased the app for your iPad, the computer and the iPad communicate over a WiFi network. You can customize the iPad to either have one switch or two switch access and you can change the colors of the switch. The company states you can even choose your own png image but when I tried this it did not work. I was satisfied with the color switches anyway.

I started playing some simple games with one switch access and it was very accurate. Then I tested out using two switches using one to scan and one to select. Again, the application worked great.

This is a great little app for only $4.99 if you have WiFi access. It is different than a regular switch due to the flat surface of the screen therefore there is less tactile input and no movement to indicate that the switch was activated. It would be even better if it would was Bluetooth enabled. Many schools do not have WiFi access. Overall, I give this app a thumbs up. You can get more information from Apple or Attainment.

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