Monday, July 18, 2011

Adaptive Physical Education?

School based therapists are frequently involved in providing intervention techniques and environmental modifications during physical education class. Whether it be pre-teaching skills, practicing motor skills or modifying the environment, here are two documents that are very helpful in deciding whether adaptive physical education is warranted.

1. Observation and Referral Form for Adaptive Physical Education - this is a great rubric to use to refer a student for adaptive physical education but also to use for a clear picture of how a child is participating during physical education class

2. Creating Quality, Inclusive Physical Education & Physical Activity for all Students This is a nice article on the law, suggested activities and modifications.


Libzsonshine said...

I could not get the second link to work. Will try on another computer later! Maybe it's my end!!

Your Therapy Source Inc said...

No, it was on our end. Thanks for letting me know. It is working now. Sorry about that.

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