Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Uses for Old Silly Bandz

If you have any children in your house 3 years or older, you are bound to have some Silly Bandz laying around. Here are 13 ways to use Silly Bandz to encourage fine motor skills, visual motor skills, coordination skills and hand strengthening. You can view pictures below or watch the You Tube clip.

ACTIVITY #1: Sort Silly Bandz on carabiner clips

ACTIVITY #2: Glue one Silly Bandz on paper and draw a scene surrounding the silly bandz.

ACTIVITY #3: Make a geoboard using thumb tacks and a small piece of wood.

ACTIVITY #4: Clay Imprints - press a Silly Bandz into the clay and roll over it. Gently remove the Silly Bandz to see the imprint it leaves behind.

ACTIVITY #5: Coloring in the lines - Glue down Silly Bandz and practice coloring in the lines since the raised lines to help guide you.

ACTIVITY #6: Hide the Silly Bandz in a bean box for the children to dig and find.

ACTIVITY #7: Fishing for Silly Bandz - did you know that Silly Bandz float? Wrap a pipe cleaner around a pencil and go fishing for Silly Bandz.

ACTIVITY #8: Silly Bandz Ball - start with a large tin foil ball and wrap the Silly Bandz around it. Make the tin foil ball large enough so that you only have to wrap the Silly Bandz around it once. If you have to wrap it twice, they may break.

ACTIVITY #9: Make a Silly Bandz belt - attach them together to create a long chain to use as a belt or play a gentle game of tug of war.

ACTIVITY #10: Charades - select animal or musical Silly Bandz. Pick one and see if you can act it out to others without showing them the Silly Bandz until they guess what you are being.

ACTIVITY #11: Ring Toss - place coffee stirrers or colored sticks upright in clay. Try tossing the Silly Bandz onto the stick.

ACTIVITY #12: Find the Silly Bandz - hide a few Silly Bandz inside a ball of clay. The child has to pull apart the clay to get to the hidden Silly Bandz.

ACTIVITY #13: Pencil Grip - wrap a Silly Bandz around the pencil to make a simple pencil grip.

Have any more ideas?

Watch it on You Tube

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