Monday, July 25, 2011

Short Bursts of Vigorous Activity

The American Journal of Human Biology published research recently comparing moderate to vigorous physical activity in adolescents. Fifty seven adolescents (47 boys and 10 girls) were randomly assigned to a moderate intensity exercise group (running 3x/wk for 20 minute sessions) and a vigorous intensity group (20 meter sprints for 30 seconds). At the end of the 7 week program the moderate intensity group had competed 420 minutes of exercise compared to the 63 minutes of exercise in the vigorous intensity group. The results indicated that both groups exhibited significant improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness, blood pressure, body composition and insulin resistance.

Although the researchers recommend further research on this topic, the preliminary results are promising. It would not be difficult to squeeze in short, quick, bursts of physical activity during the school day to hopefully achieve the same benefits of longer, moderate intensity exercise.

Robert Preidt. Study: Short bursts of exercise good for heart. Retreived from USA Today at on 7/24/11.

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