Sunday, August 21, 2011

Clorox $50,000 Grant!

Clorox is offering a $50,000 grant for a school that will make a difference and give students opportunities through exploring, creating and playing. Nominate your school and get the most votes and you can win $50,000 for your program. There are three categories:
1. Play - encourage children to get out and play with playgrounds or physical activities.
2. Create - arts focused programs
3. Explore - encourage children to learn through academic experiences
4. Judge's Choice - judges will pick a winner of an exemplary program

Why not nominate your school and promote your idea to get votes. You can get more information at Clorox - Power A Bright Future


Bill McKinney said...

Hello, I am a coach and graduate of Hardin-Houston Local School in Houston, OH. We are entered for the Clorox Power A Bright Future grant to further fund a new outdoor athletic complex for both school and community use. We have been raising money through private donations, but in today’s economy that has been tough. Our entry can be found at:

We are 6th in votes received in our category, but we need a lot of help as we are a small rural community. I appreciate any help that you can give us.

Thank you
Bill McKinney

Your Therapy Source Inc said...

Just texted a vote in for you. Thanks for sharing and good luck! Texting the vote was much easier. I tried to register but it didn't work through Facebook. The text went through right away. Hope you win.

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