Monday, August 29, 2011

Punch Cards for OT/PT

Check out our latest freebie - Reward Punch Cards for Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy.

You can download these business cards to encourage children to achieve their goals in therapy whether it be functional or behavioral. After 10 holes are punched, the child earns a reward.

Download the punch cards here.


Rose-Marie said...

Love this! We used a similar punchcard system in my classroom for homework returned on time. We called them "credit cards" and they were worth a free homework assignment when all the punches were filled. Kids LOVED having a card with value. Some kids loved them too much to spend.

One thing that was important some years was to use a hole punch with a unique shape or size. It fended off any temptation kids might have had to add holes of their own using a standard paper punch they might have had at home.

Your Therapy Source Inc said...

Good idea to use unique puncher to avoid temptation to fill it in yourself. Thanks for the suggestion and your experiences.

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