Thursday, September 8, 2011

7 Technology Things to Try this School Year

With the start of a new school year, why not try some new technology things this school year. Here is some suggestions of 7 things to try to accomplish this year:

1. Start a Wiki: A wiki is a website that people can add or edit information on different topics. Do you have a specific interest in pediatric therapy i.e. handwriting, vestibular system, gait training, etc? Start a wiki to begin to gather information.

2. Try starting a blog: Blogging is a great creative tool to share your opinion or activity ideas. You could gear it towards other therapists, parents or teachers. There are many platforms that will host your blog for free. You can check out our Google hosted blog at

3. Join Twitter:
More and more people are getting their information from Twitter. It is a great way to get a collection of links and suggestions from groups of people that you choose to follow. Read more about Twitter for Therapists or follow us @YTherapySource.

4. Try out Skype:
If you have never used Skype it is super easy. This would be a simple and effective way to communicate with parents, "face to face", if they are unable to meet during the school day. If you travel to different schools, this would be a helpful way to demonstrate techniques to teachers or aides if you will not be there for a few days.

5. Get an iPhone, iTouch or iPad:
Okay, I know this is not a freebie, but I can not say enough about the Apple devices. They offer so many great apps for therapists to improve documentation and provide novelty along with some training for students. You can read more about what you can do with our electronic books on an iPad here.

6. Create some YouTube videos
: Do you find that you explain the same things over and over again to teachers or parents? Why not create a video that other professionals and parents can review after you explain different topics? You could create videos on pre-handwriting activities, postural tips, how modifications help and more.

7. Try walking a mile in someone else's shoes:
Do you know a student who uses a communication device? Wouldn't it be interesting to spend a day only using a communication device to speak to others? If you get the iPhone I mentioned, there are some free apps and well as paid communication apps.

Anyone care to add to the list? Can anyone check off all 7 already?

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