Friday, September 30, 2011

Bicycle Riding and Down Syndrome

Physical Therapy has published research on the effects of bicycle riding on children with Down Syndrome. Two groups of children with Down Syndrome ranging in age from 8-15 years old participated in the study. The experimental group was taught how to ride a bicycle over a five day period. The control group received no intervention until one year after the experimental group. Following the 5 day instruction, 56% of the children learned to ride a two wheeler bike. The children who learned to ride spent significantly less time in sedentary activities than the control group after 12 months. In addition, the bike riding group spent more time in moderate to vigorous physical activity. The amount of actual bicycle riding was not recorded during the study.

Reference: Dale A. Ulrich, Amy R. Burghardt, Meghann Lloyd, Chad Tiernan, and Joseph E. Hornyak. Physical Activity Benefits of Learning to Ride a Two-Wheel Bicycle for Children With Down Syndrome: A Randomized Trial. PHYS THER October 2011 91:1463-1477; published ahead of print August 18, 2011, doi:10.2522/ptj.20110061

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