Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Product Review - Kindertools

Kindertools are a set of unique "helping handles" that help children to eat, brush their teeth, clean their nails, paint and color. The interesting part of Kindertools is the handles. On each of the 8 tools there is a specialized handle that allows for different grasp patterns. In addition, for the eating utensils the handles are curved making it a little easier for the children to get the food to their mouths without spilling it. The handles also provide a safety net in preventing the child from choking on the utensil.

This product would be a nice addition to an occupational therapist or speech therapist's tool kit. The different shaped handles allow for different grasps which is extremely beneficial for children with disabilities that affect the function of the hand. The Kindertools offers the child the ability to grasp the utensil or writing implement which they otherwise may be not able to do with a traditional utensil. This allows for the child to achieve success and gain independence.

Here are some positives to the Kindertools:
  • child is able to use various grasps to hold the utensil affording independence
  • increase success rate for younger children in terms of keeping food on the utensil
  • offer choices to children with impaired hand function
  • safe, no choke design (especially nice for toothbrush)
  • the crayon can be placed in two positions to offer more adaptability
Here are two minor issues (not even a negative):
  • handle is short therefore sometimes difficult to get the bottom of a narrow cup or dish (i.e. yogurt container) which you could easily fix by pouring the yogurt into a wider mouth or shallow bowl.
  • they are designed for toddlers so if you wanted to use the tools for older children with a disability the handles may be too small.
Would love to hear from others who have used Kindertools. You get more information at Kindertools.com. What are your thoughts on the product?

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