Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Brain Correcting Bumps To Body

An interesting study was published in Nature about how the human body corrects itself when knocked by an external blow. The scientists discovered that the pathway of the primary motor cortex provides this information for limb correction. One of the researchers states that "the corrective movement pathway works by limiting and correcting the domino effect of involuntary bodily movement caused by an external blow". They are suggesting that in certain individuals who have had strokes the sensory message to the brain may need to be addressed first rather than the motor response.

Makes me wonder what about children with dyspraxia or sensory processing disorder? Is there changes in the primary motor cortex that influence the corrective movement pathway in these populations as well as patients who have had strokes? How does the corrective movement pathway work in individuals with motor planning deficits? Any insight?

Reference: Queens University. Scientists discover how brain corrects bumps to body. Retrieved from the web on 12/7/2011 from

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