Thursday, December 22, 2011

Use of Time - Adolescents with Cerebral Palsy

Child: Care, Health and Development published a research study that took a close look at how ambulatory adolescents with cerebral palsy use their time. They compared 41 Australian adolescents with cerebral palsy to 82 typically developing peers. They had each adolescent complete a validated interview of recall of information over four days. The results indicated the following:
adolescents with CP spent 91 minutes/day participating in physical activity vs. 147 min/day (typical developing peers)

adolescents with CP spent 28 min/day in active transport versus 52 min/day

adolescents with CP spent 25 min/day in team sports versus 39 min/day

adolescents wtih CP spent 116 min/day in quiet time versus 80 min/day

adolescents with CP spent 6 min/day in social interaction versus 22 min/day

no significant differences were noted in sleep, screen time, domestic activities or school-related time.
This is an area where occupational and physical therapists can offer suggestions to adolescents with cerebral palsy. Perhaps provide them with a list of ideas that encourage physical activity time. Start a social club where the adolescents can get together to socialize. If they can not get together physically, why not try some of the social networking sites. There are several that are safe for children to join. Therapists can work to offer leisure activities. There was a large different in quiet time comparably. Perhaps the adolescents just need some ideas of what to do with their free time based on their motor abilities.

Any other suggestions? Do you have any creative leisure activity ideas? Any tips on appropriate social networking sites for adolescents?

Reference: C. Maher1,J. Kernot, T. Olds. Time use patterns in ambulatory adolescents with cerebral palsy Child: Care, Health and Development. Early view online. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2214.2011.01352.x

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