Thursday, February 2, 2012

Twist on Puzzles Idea #1

On Pinterest  (you will be reading often about ideas from Pinterest), I saw an idea for an open ended art project. It was sticking cut up straws onto contact paper. I thought this would be a great activity for a little one. We figured we would test it out. After cutting up the straws and adding macaroni wheels, I hung up the reverse contact paper on the wall. This child had no interest in the straws at all - not sure why but absolutely no interest.  Then the child decided to put puzzle pieces on the contact paper. Genius!


This worked great. The contact paper held wooden puzzle pieces on the vertical plane. The wrist extension and reaching added a bonus to the puzzle.

The puzzle was placed on the floor so another addition of lower extremity work with the squatting.

Then the child wanted to repeat the activity (as most children do). Now the task was difficult to put the pieces back on the contact paper. First to find space and second to push hard to get the puzzle piece to stick. All in all, this landed up being a great therapeutic activity that metamorphosed based on the child's thought process.

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Tonya said...

That looks like fun. I am definitely going to do this.

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