Monday, August 20, 2012

3 Simple Group Games with a Hula Hoop

Here are three simple group games to play using a hula hoop:

1.  Circle Hoop - the group of children should stand in a circle all holding hands.  Have one pair of children unclasp hands and place a hoop on one child's arm.  They should all hold hands again.  The goal is to move the hula hoop around the entire circle never breaking the chain of hands.  Children will have to bend over, squat down and stand on one leg to get the hoop over the head to pass the hoop to the next child.  This is a great activity to encourage balance practice and motor planning.

2.  Through the Hoop - Break up the group into several small teams (about 3 children in each group).  Give each group one hula hoop.  Establish a starting line and another line about 10-20 feet away.  The first person in each group runs to the line that is 10-20 feet away and holds the hoop several inches off the ground.  Then the next person runs down, climbs through the hoop and back to the starting line.  The third person runs down, climbs through the hoop and back to the starting line.  The first person climbs through the hoop while holding it and runs back to start.  The first team with all three players through the hoop is the winner.

3. Hula Hoop Obstacle Course -  Divide the group into a few teams.  Give each team one hula hoop.  Place a few chairs, cones or obstacles in a line.  On go, the first player on each team tries to roll the hula hoop around the chairs or cones back to the starting line.  Then the next player goes until each player has gone.  First team to complete the course is the winner.

What are some of your favorite group games using only a hula hoop?

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Amy said...

Thanks for your post. I love these ideas for active play!

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