Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Movement Analysis App - Cricket Coach

Dual Screen Mode

Here is another great movement analysis app that provides various video editing tools - Cricket Coach Plus.  I tested this app which I purchased for $2.99 quite some time ago and they have since released other sports including swimming, baseball and tennis.  This app packs a lot of punch for $2.99.

Transparency Mode

Basically, you can compare videos at the same time.  You can do this by watching both videos at the same time or by overlaying the videos on top of each other.  You can slow down the videos by 50% or 75% to break down the skill even further.    

Pencil Markings

In addition, you can measure angles and write directly on the screen.  The angle measurements are not exact but you can certainly get a general idea.

I will not provide a tutorial for this app here - too long and detailed.  You really need to test and play around with the app yourself to see what would suit your needs.  The original intent of the app is for movement analysis in different sports so the app is preloaded with various cricket skills.  The purpose of the preloaded videos is to compare your form to the correct form.  I have not seen any of the other sport apps besides cricket.  I would be interested to test out others to help children with learning various coordination skills for physical education class such as throwing a ball, catching or shooting a basketball.  A therapist who works with an aquatic program may find the video modeling helpful for the various swim strokes to be able to show the student different adjustments that are necessary.

Here are a few ideas for this app:
1.  Document progress.  This is an easy way to show parents and teachers progress over time.  A picture says a thousand words, but a video shows even more.  

2.  Slow down the video for instruction.  Video tape a student doing a task ie catching a ball.  Now show the video to the student in slow motion pointing out where the student needs to initiate catching the ball.

3.  Compare videos to proper form.  Video tape a peer or adult performing the skill ie kicking a ball.  Video the student performing the skill.  Compare the videos watching them at the same time indicating to the student where they can improve parts of the skill.

4.   Document speed.  There is a speedometer on the app.  If you put in the distance the child is walking and then hit start and stop you will get an average speed.  The distance has to be at least 6 feet.

Would love to hear what others do with this app.  I think this makes a great therapy tool at a super cheap price!

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